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Francine Henry

In 1991 Francine left corporate America armed with the knowledge and standards of excellence that she brought to the salon industry in the Philadelphia area. Priding herself on education, Francine grew to establish one of the first black-owned Hair and Nail Salons in 1990.

Today, Francine’s Salon Business School brings the education needed for young beauty industry entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive world. Francine began by developing workshops, such as “How to Hire the Right Staff”, Job Descriptions, Marketing/Promotions, and other training courses. Seeing the success of the workshops in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland, the next level of Salon Business School Program was to go to the internet and offer online classes. This would give the world access to the Salon Business School model.

To create exceptional experiences through education, staffing, goal setting, and excellent Marketing and Promotions; Let’s Talk About Your Business will highlight the stories of movers and shakers that are navigating the life of an entrepreneur. Francine is a Salon Coach with over 20 years experience in Beauty Industry.

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