Rosewood Group Hosts Special Podcast Series on Human Resources Keys for Small and Mid-size Businesses – “Advice from an Expert You Probably Should Be Paying For”

Rosewood Group releases the first part of a series in it’s Money Magnet Program – HR Keys For Small- and Mid-size Businesses. Hosted by Samuel Bethea, President – Rosewood Group, the subject matter expert perspective will be provided by Darryl Clements, Jr. Owner – DCC Group LLC. This 30-minute podcast covers “Why Hiring Right Is Key To Your Business Success and Profitability.”

Princeton, NJ
The podcast series focuses on top Human Resources topics for small business owners but is equally applicable to leaders and executives for any size company and in any industry or business sector. The podcast is available in the iTunes Podcast center, at, and at Episode 1 in this series focuses on Why Hiring Is Key to Your Business Success.
Series Host Samuel Bethea, Jr. says, “I want to put local businesses in contact with someone I know and trust based on first-hand experience in business and social settings. He gets it from the business person’s perspective, and he provides solutions customized directly to the customer’s need as opposed to other providers who focus on what service or product they have to sell. That mates perfectly with what I hear from my financial clients at The Rosewood Group.”
Series HR expert Darryl Clements, Jr. says, “As a small business owner, it’s important to make sure every hire makes your life easier and your business better, and you also have to make sure your hires understand how they impact the customer. It’s not who works for you. It’s who WORKS for you!”

The Rosewood Group helps small businesses find financing and funding solutions. The DCC Group LLC creates client-specific customized HR and people solutions that help you hire, develop, lead, and retain unlike any other organization.

Darryl Clements, Jr.
Owner, DCC Group LLC

Samuel Bethea, Jr.
President, The Rosewood Group

Samuel Bethea

Samuel Bethea is the president of The RoseWood Group. His vision is to provide the small business community with the knowledge and tools to grow the economic engine of our country, which is based on the small-business owner. Sam’s program does this by providing knowledge, strategic services, and funding options to help all types of companies with funding that fits their situation. He will be glad to help you reach your dreams.

“My mission is to provide value to my customers by providing them with startup services and savings plans to help them be more effective with their business operations.”

Sam has earned an Executive MBA from Drexel University in Philadelphia, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and over 30 years of corporate leadership experience to assist any entrepreneur.  He is a Master Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Reliability Professional. He has earned multiple leadership awards at the fortune 500 companies where he has worked over the years including the Pro to Know award from Supply Chain magazine. Sam has worked at Merck, Campbell’s, FMC and ABB to name a few.

Mr. Bethea grew up in the NYC area and became an entrepreneur early in life.  Some early ventures include a Television repair business, and specialty equipment business, a residential power washing business, and consulting businesses.

Sam’s Goal of helping people achieve success in their business ventures is a passion for him. A serial entrepreneur, he believes that everyone can have the life that they want, a life that is free and worth living. If you have a business idea that you want to put in place, Mr. Bethea is the right professional to call.

Listen to “Money Magnet Program” on Spreaker.

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