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Now you can reach the world!

Internet radio has the potential to be the most ubiquitous form of media ever. More commanding of your attention than film, television, or books. This is because listening to music can be enjoyed while doing other activities.

In 2014, one third of Americans used their phones to stream music. Young adults (18-24) listened to internet radio more than terrestrial. With Americans now spending more time on their phones than watching television, there has never been a more opportune time to maximize internet radio experiences.


Reaching out and growing our listener base, while keeping existing listeners coming back for more requires a balancing of content on social media.

It is estimated that the average social media user has accounts on roughly three different social media platforms (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc).

This means that each person may see your content multiple times. When posting something to Twitter and Facebook, for example, we expand exposure to broadcasters. In essence: We make sure our content reaches all our social media platforms, and tailor the content per social media platform.