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Pastor Ray believed it. Faith was the starting point of his spiritual journey, and he continues to rely on his strong belief that with God anything is possible. Unselfishly, Pastor Ray was inspired to share the miraculous and incredible Word of God with others. Living only for today is not one of Pastor Ray's characteristics. Instead he believes in preparing for the future and leaving behind a legacy that is a testimony of God's grace in his life and that of others. Thus, Faith Harvest Worship Center was founded in April of 1999. Due to the wondrous works of the Holy Spirit and the heartfelt, biblical teachings of Pastor Ray, many have come to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Ray's desire is for ordinary people to be empowered by God's Word to do extraordinary feats. Not one to simply stand behind a pulpit and preach, Pastor Ray's philosophy of teaching the Word involves a no-nonsense approach, as he enthusiastically engages his congregation to be enlightened and encouraged. Pastor Ray is a " planter of the seed" of God's Word and invites you to watch how God can make you grow in your spirituality and development as a Christian.

Because of a deep-seated yearning to instill knowledge to multitudes of people, Pastor Ray also founded Harvest Youth and Development Center and Harvest Christian Academy, which has successfully educated youth both academically and spiritually. Pastor Ray encourages youth to be independent of this world's system and become dependent on God and the promises He has in store for them. Harvest Christian Academy's skilled teaching staff, using the A Beka Curriculum, has helped hundreds of youth reach their full learning potential and exceed limits they once thought they could not reach.

This level of success has not stopped Pastor Ray from continuing to pursue his own personal goals and dreams; he is currently working towards his second Master's Degree. And his willingness to share his ' blueprint to God's Word' and success in life is taught to those who want to gain a further understanding through Bible Study offered at Faith Harvest Worship Center.Pastor Ray embodies what a man of Christ should be and looks forward to helping you on your own personal journey towards developing a personal relationship with the Lord.

Pastor Raymond D. Williams is the Senior Pastor of faith Harvest Worship Center and Headmaster of Harvest Christian Academy and Youth Development Center. He is the loving husband of Letitia Williams and proud father of eight, wonderfully gifted children.

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