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This Week: 9/16/18 @6pm Lemar LeWarren

Lemar Lewarren,

Recognize this face? You most certainly do! One of the premier show case performers on the Las Vegas Strip, renowned the world over has performed on cruise lines and in Australia.   Lemar Lewarren, Chester, PA native, childhood friend and classmate stops by “The Book of Dad” and update us on his many projects and accomplishments. He also enlightens Dr. B and Eddy Gee on current trends in the entertainment industry, the evolution of the streets versus what they used to be, and much more.  Be sure to tune in!










The Book of Dad Radio Show

The Book of Dad is an upbeat conversation venue where Dr. Robert Benson, with the help of his friends communicates great information on relevant topics, and talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With topics being everything from parenting, current events, health and wellness to help meet, Dr. Benson’s mesh of relevancy, accuracy and humor drives home information people like you and me need to survive.

A celebrated author, educator and community activist, his message is one for those of all ages, race and spiritual backgrounds. So curl up, listen in and prepare to be enlightened – The Book of Dad has the stuff to keep you movin on!

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